Local authority

Health and Safety in Local Authority Buildings

Working in a local authority building such as council, courthouse or police station doesn’t exempt you from needing safety solutions, if anything it increases the need for fire and life solutions. STF Solutions can help create the best package to suit your requirements. Security is a top priority when it comes to local authority buildings, and our team are dedicated to working closely with you so that you’re guaranteed a working system that protects not only you and your employees, but civilians and visitors in the building. Even after STF Solutions have installed your systems, we provide a maintenance service should anything need a quick touch up or replacement.

Health and Safety Enforcement

Enforcing health and safety regulations is very important and is necessary in the Health and Safety Work Act of 1974. Local authorities are required to take action in providing their establishments with proper solutions such as fire extinguishers, alarms, intruder alarms and in some instance’s security access doors. Between the Health and Safety Executives (HSE) and local authorities, you can expect to be monitored and inspected regarding health and safety in the workplace.

Not only can STF Solutions provide you with the best fire and safety solutions in the UK, but our team will also train yours, so that you’re well equipped should anything happen. STF Solutions can train you for:

Why not take a look at our training programmes here so that you’re ready for a potentially life threatening situation?

What Services Can STF Solutions help you with?

More than just a vendor for health and safety services, STF Solutions will help you manage any system we install

Fire Alarm & Detection

Warden/Care Call Systems

Annual Maintenance

Fire Suppression

Emergency Lighting

Fire Extinguishers

Remote Monitoring


Emergency Call Systems

Water Leak Detection

Smoke Vent Systems

Security Systems