Fire alarm and lighting testing

The role of ‘the responsible person’

It is crucial for every organisation to have a member of staff that is known as the ‘responsible person’. The role of the responsible person within a business, as the name suggests, carries a number of key responsibilities. In order to comply with Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 you will be involved in fire drills and real evacuations and may also carry out fire checks, give fire inductions and keep vital records for both the fire alarm system and emergency lighting.

For that reason, adequate training is essential for every person working in an organisation, company or an office building.

How STF can deliver your training

At STF Solutions Ltd we deliver all the training at your site. The aim of the course is simple: to give your fire wardens training so that, should a fire break out at work, they would have the knowledge and skills to deal with the fire alarm system appropriately and to have peace of mind that the emergency lighting in your premises works efficiently.

It is our goal at STF Solutions to ensure that you and everyone else within your premises is as safe as possible at all times.