Annual Maintenance

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Arrange An Annual Maintenance Agreement

Whether you’re looking to cover new or existing systems, it’s up to you when deciding your annual maintenance contract. We have years of experience in aspects such as repairing faults and replacing equipment, and we offer our services to a range of different sectors aswell, so your business can remain safe and secure all year round.

What an Annual Maintenance with STF Solutions can do for you!

At STF Solutions we work with our customers to come to a contractual maintenance agreement, where we will perform a maintenance service to your business every year. As a business we understand that it is essential to keep your building safe and secure, and problems can often occur if your maintenance hasn’t been reviewed. Therefore, with STF Solutions we can guarantee an excellent service to your electrical equipment to ensure its protected.

It is a priority that we understand your requirements as a business, so we can ensure we do our best to fulfil your needs. With our highly trained and experienced staff, you can trust us to carry out a reliable maintenance service.

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