Warden/Care Call Systems

We specialise in offering Warden/Care Call Systems under a range of service contracts here at STF Solutions Ltd. With many years of industry experience, you can expect first-class equipment and cutting-edge technology, under a contract which suits your budget and requirements. It is vital we understand the needs and expectations of our customers, so we can execute minimum hassle and high-quality service.

What is a Warden/Care Call System?

Call systems are vital for professional care institutions in ensuring the safety and care of their residents. Occupants can relax knowing their residence is warden-controlled, so how does the system work?

A control panel is usually sited in the main reception, where calls can be made from individual rooms. The control panel will then display a room number or identity of the user and a staff member can deal with resident requests. When staff are off duty, the warden call system is transferred to a control centre who can communicate with them to help with any requirements they have.


Approved Installers of:

  • Legrand-Tynetec

Tynetec is a trusted brand of telecare equipment, provided and installed to assisted living and healthcare businesses. As a leading innovator of care solutions, their systems are designed to support people to live independently in their home or throughout commercial, residential and industrial markets.

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STF Solutions FAQs

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What is a Telecare system?

A telecare system provides support and assistance to the user at a distance, through communication technology.

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth systems support people to self-manage their medical conditions and remain independent. The equipment consists of a smart hub which allows a patient to enter data or have the data collected by devices, which automatically transmits readings to the hub. This data is then sent to a medical service where the patient’s health is monitored.

What is Telecare equipment?

Telecare equipment involves a base unit which is a 24/7 two-way device. The user may activate their own alarm using a pendant and the equipment will enable you to talk to the staff the monitoring centre where they will organise the most appropriate assistance for you.

What is Care Call?

Care call is a 24/7 service, which is connected through your telephone line. It allows the elderly or the less able to feel safe and independent, knowing they can request help at any time.

What is a personal pendant alarm?

A personal pendant alarm is a device that allows someone, such as the elderly or someone with a medical condition, to press a button via a pendent or wristband for assistance in an emergency.

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