STF solutions can help you with everything from fire alarms to flood detection systems. When you run a business, whether you’re part of an office, warehouse or kitchen, it is important that you ensure the absolute safety of all your staff and any customers that visit your establishment. This is why STF Solutions are a one stop shop for your life and fire safety needs. Our dedicated team will help you with a proper safety plan should disaster strike and help you find the best possible detection system for your business.  Take a look at some of our services and products below.

Fire Alarm & Detection
Fire Alarm & Detection Fire Alarm & Detection

Fire alarms are necessary for any building, domestic or commercial. Ensure you're protected with STF solutions.

Fire Suppression
Fire Suppression Fire Suppression

STF solutions can help provide a range of suppressors that suits your specifications whilst remaining fully compliant with health and safety legislation.

Emergency Lighting
Emergency Lighting Emergency Lighting

From a clearly marked fire escape to emergency lighting, our team can help you with intelligent self test luminaries today.

Fire Extinguishers
Fire Extinguishers Fire Extinguishers

Every property should be equipped with a range of fire extinguishers to help combat flame from electrical to chemical fires.

Remote Monitoring
Remote Monitoring Remote Monitoring

Even if you're not in your office, the remote monitoring system from STF will alert you if a fire unfortunately breaks out on your premises. The fire brigade will be contacted the moment the alarm goes off.

Signage Signage

In case of an emergency, any signs for fire escapes, extinguishers and alarms need to be clearly displayed. Let STF help you with the best signage today.

Emergency Call Systems
Emergency Call Systems Emergency Call Systems

Our range includes refuse systems, call systems and disabled persons toilet alarms so no matter what the scenario, every individual has access to help in your building.

Water Leak Detection
Water Leak Detection Water Leak Detection

Place a leak detection system in a vulnerable area of your offices such as a server room to ensure that any water damage is nipped in the bud before it can cause destruction to your property.

Security Systems
Security Systems Security Systems

Access systems, CCTV and AICCTV can be installed at your offices with STF solutions. Your security is important to us, so find out more here.

Smoke Vent Systems
Smoke Vent Systems Smoke Vent Systems

Smoke vents are ideal for areas that need extra ventilation and can help your employees be protected against smoke or other toxic fume inhalation.

Annual Maintenance
Annual Maintenance Annual Maintenance

An annual maintenance agreement which suits your businesses maintenance needs, is essential to ensure a safe environment space for your building.

Warden/Care Call Systems
Warden/Care Call Systems Warden/Care Call Systems

A Warden/Care Call System is vital for care homes to communicate with their residents. Our experts provide a secure service for a wide variety of environments and sectors.


Fire Safety Solutions UK

Fire, flooding and carbon dioxide poisoning are the last thing that you want striking your business, especially if you're unprepared. Not only do you want to ensure the absolute safety of yourself, your staff and your assets, but you also want to ensure that you're fully protected against negligence in a law suit should anything unfortunately happen. With STF Solutions, our team can help you with the best safety solutions in the UK. Your security matters to us, which is why we also provide a full range of access doors, emergency call systems and lighting solutions so that you're able to stick to a proper emergency protocol should the worst case scenario happen.

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