Emergency Lighting Systems

Emergency lighting systems

We can design, install and maintain a full range of emergency lighting systems generally using central battery equipment and fittings or self-contained luminaires. In addition, Intelligent self-test luminaires and centrally controlled and monitored addressable control panel systems are available to permit ease of use and reduce maintenance costs. Our maintenance schedule consists of 1 or 2 visits per annum in full compliance with BS 5266. In addition, STF Solutions Ltd can offer monthly testing of emergency lighting systems.

Why do I need Emergency Lighting?

Emergency lighting is an important part of any evacuation route as it lights the way for a clear exit through corridors and fire exits. It will also help people locate emergency equipment such as fire extinguishers and alarms. STF Solutions have a great range of systems that use clever technology to help light your way in an emergency. Our team will also carry out maintenance checks so that you’re fully covered should disaster unfortunately strike.

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