HSE in Retail Industry

STF Solutions know that setting up your own retail business is an exciting time, but it is also important to remember to install the proper health and safety equipment. STF Solutions can work closely with your business and work out what health and safety issues in the retail industry we can tackle together. From water detectors should there be a flood to security systems to monitor your premises when you’re not on-site, STF Solutions can help you with our exceptional range of services. When you’ve built up an employee base, STF Solutions will also assist in training fire wardens and first aiders for your business.

Protect your employees

Did you know that around 3 million people in the UK are employed in the retail industry? With many people to account for, whether your retail space is a small boutique or part of a large conglomeration, each employee and customer needs to be assured under proper health and safety. Not only does this include fire and leak detection and extinguishers, but also risk assessments such as asbestos and fire risk surveying. You can find every health and safety service you need with STF Solutions.

Do you feel like your staff need additional training? Then make sure to speak to STF Solutions who can help with fire extinguisher and warden training whenever you need it. You can rest easy knowing you’re prepared should the worst case scenario happen. Take advantage of STF Solution Training services.

What Services Can STF Solutions help you with?

More than just a vendor for health and safety services, STF Solutions will help you manage any system we install

Fire Alarm & Detection

Warden/Care Call Systems

Annual Maintenance

Fire Suppression

Emergency Lighting

Fire Extinguishers

Remote Monitoring


Emergency Call Systems

Water Leak Detection

Smoke Vent Systems

Security Systems