Fire Extinguisher Training

Fire extinguisher training is crucial in the workplace

Fire extinguishers are of course designed to carry one purpose and that is to put small fires out, quickly and safely. Fire extinguisher training is designed for members of staff who have no experience in handling a fire extinguisher or tackling a small fire. Fire extinguisher training can be relevant to your type of building or potential fire risks that may occur in your building.

Our fire extinguisher training courses will not only cover types of fire extinguishers but also information on safely dealing with a fire and the different types of fires, making it the perfect course for educating your staff on learning a technique that could potentially save a life.

What will be covered in your fire extinguisher training?

This training course will also cover other important subjects, including the locations and type of extinguishers that are likely to be found within your office or place of work. The fire extinguisher training course will also help you and your staff to familiarise with different types of fire extinguishers and which ones are best to use in particular situations.

The idea of a fire extinguisher training course will make you aware of what to look for and how to handle a small fire if it ever occurs and includes both theory and on hand practical.

As a trainee, you will be more efficient and confident when reacting in the emergency of a fire. Fire extinguishers can be located quickly, as well as used properly, which is crucial when operating the equipment.

Is fire extinguisher training mandatory?

Fire extinguisher training isn’t mandatory for everyone. However, it has been the law since 2005 for every office or business to have at least one person who has been on a basic fire safety training course.

Can anyone use a fire extinguisher?

Fire extinguishers should not be used by people who have not been trained.

Are fire extinguishers required by law?

There is no law stating that a property owner must install fire extinguishers. However, a fire risk assessment must be completed, identifying all the possible hazards in the premises and the methods to prevent them.

How often do fire extinguishers need to be certified?

A fire extinguisher should be inspected and certified annually by a professional fire protection equipment company.

Who is a reliable source for replacement fire extinguishers?